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mock-ups of a crown and teeth bridge


A Porcelain crown is a restoration that covers a tooth. The purpose of a crown is to protect a tooth that may have become weak. Our main objective is that you are able to keep your teeth for life and that you are able to chew without pain or breaking teeth.

When you come to our office, we will examine you to see what portion of the tooth is filling. If the filling is huge and it is a tooth that does a lot of the work when chewing, it may become weak and fracture. There is a point when it can’t do the job anymore. The crown will make the tooth functional and protect it so that when you chew the tooth won’t break. It will look and feel like a natural tooth again because all of our crowns are made of porcelain.


A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth. This option is an alternative when you are unable to have a dental implant or choose not to. The bridge attaches to the two adjacent teeth like a bridge on the road. The teeth on either side will have a crown with a false tooth connected in the middle. A dental bridge will improve function, prevent shifting of teeth, and they are esthetically pleasing. Restoring weak or missing teeth is important to your dental health. Crowns and bridges are a great option because they are very strong and will last a long time.

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Crowns can be for:

  • Replacing cracked or leaking fillings
  • Replacing large fillings
  • Restoring a fractured or broken tooth
  • Covering a discolored or misshapen tooth
  • Covering a dental implant
  • Esthetics/Cosmetic
  • Always over a tooth that has had a root canal
  • Strengthening a tooth

* A tooth that has had a root canal is like a hollow tree. It should be protected by a crown so that you don’t crack it and lose it after the investment in a root canal.

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